Descendant of a town founder

Owner Kathy Paslay is a descendant of Albert G. Boone, one of the founders of Lecompton in 1854. In fact, Boone Street in Lecompton is named for him.

Albert G. Boone was not only a frontiersman, but also a shop-keeper in Westport, Missouri in the late 1850s. He provided goods for pioneers to outfit their wagon trains. Amazingly, over 150 years later, his descendant, Kathy Paslay, is a shop-keeper in a town that he founded!

Plaque in Westport, Missouri where Lecompton founder Albert G. Boone had his store.

The name “Bald Eagle”

When Albert G. Boone and another fellow, Dr. Aristides Roderique, picked the site for the town, they saw a bald eagle fly overhead. At the suggestion of Dr. Roderique, the town was originally named “Bald Eagle.” It went by that name for a short time before the name “Lecompton” was chosen, in honor of the chief justice of the territorial supreme court, Samuel D. Lecompte. Bald eagles can still be seen flying over Lecompton!

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